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Fanart to 1920

Here I will show of fanart / commissions to my project "1920"
Second title "Private Investigator" :D :heart:
Also all the fanarts done for me, will be printed out and given into my 1920 work folder :D
Thank you so much :love:!

gift - trevor and cansington by ChibiEdo Trevor Barefaced by LuigiL Point Comission - Trevor by ChibiEdo Gift: Trevor by KiljoyQ 1920 by KawaiiHagaren Trevor Trade by Scubacat17
A Gangster And A Detective by WeapondesignerDawe For my dear friend by WeapondesignerDawe Trevor Barefaced by WeapondesignerDawe
Trevor Barefaced Card by nyvaine ATC 363- Ace by Chinvat-peretu
Leilah by WillyKnights Leilah: Night Wonder by WillyKnights Aceo 03 and 04 for Aiko by nyvaine Cansington by meago Cansington X Cindy by Luisazo 1920- Trevor by Chinvat-peretu 1920- Cansington by Chinvat-peretu Icon - Cansington Lessfear by ChibiEdo Fighting Over The First Piece by WeapondesignerDawe Casington by sharkie19
KaKAO Karte 001 Samantha  for Martha by Eveliz glamorous by meago for aiko-mustang - xmas trevor by ChibiEdo Cansington by Chinvat-peretu Trevor! by Chinvat-peretu Bored Trevor by Luisazo Trevor - 1920 by RaiyaSakurai Happy Birthday by RaiyaSakurai Trevor Barefaced and Perry the Platypus by KiljoyQ 096 - The Bar by oONorchenOo Cansington by KiljoyQ




Yay Fanstuff: Trevor Stamp by Aiko-Mustang Yay Fanstuff: Lessfear Stamp by Aiko-Mustang Fayn Stamp by nyvaine Ylavien Stamp by nyvaine Yla x Raw Stamp by nyvaine Sharon Stamp by Aiko-Mustang Lobo Fan Stamp by Aiko-Mustang I FxCKIN LOVE COLORING stamp by Samwich Battlestar Galactica 1 by tina1138 Stamp - 1920s by rachitick I love Copic by DarkSena Copic Fan Stamp by yanagi-san One Piece Luffy Stamp by erjanks One Piece Nami Stamp by erjanks One Piece Sanji Stamp by erjanks One Piece Chopper Stamp by erjanks Sheldon Stamp 1 by faeriepuffs Stamp: Kamina's Mantra by sirbartonslady Kaku fan stamp by katthekat One Piece Stamps 3 by Mourgebeast Sanji x Nami Stamp by coffeefanatic3462 Luv my chillas Stamp by nyvaine SUPPORT YOUR MAN by savagebinn Lady Gaga Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Roflcopter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Watanuki Kimihiro stamp by kurokimashin Traditional Art Junkie Stamp by Sylladexter Stamp - We love Riza Hawkeye by patronustrip Stamp - That's Love by patronustrip Roy Stamp by Elzamine ARIA animation stamp by Clockheart JOURNAL STAMP: Self Taught by ZachDoug Black Jack Stamp by tei-za Beatrice Stamp by LG-Kitty pro_markers_fan_stamp by Selene-Moon Layton Remembers Stamp by orian-stamps Power Stone by IceVallejo ToS2 - Marta Lualdi Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest Masamune Date :stamp: by chicken-on-a-chain Inu x Boku SS FAN by ChiisanaHoshi STOP WHINING by leaf-saw The Log-out Stamp by Busiris Chi's Stamp by assscrew28 ToE - Reid Hershel Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest Zakuro Stamp by TailswimTella I Like Turtles Stamp by TweekingLeafeh Picard PLZ by Warp-Speed Black Jack STAMP by lonewined Artists 5: Alphonse Mucha by Metadream Valkyrie Profile by IceVallejo Phineas Stamp by L-mon Ferb Stamp by L-mon Doofenshmirtz Stamp by L-mon Isabella Stamp by L-mon I love tea stamp by capitaljay GODDAMN TEA by Brittlander Cid Stamp by ladychimera mamegoma is love by starxxlight Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla Pin Up Stamp by HappyStamp Gru Fan Stamp by Anti-Dark-Heart Dick Tracy Warren Beatty Stamp by dA--bogeyman Tron Logo Stamp by raven-pryde Quorra Stamp by raven-pryde Castor fan by phillipant FAV DISNEY PRINCESS - CASTOR by ARISTOCREEP Miso soup. by obakestamps Admiral Bill Adama by Maleficent84 Tracey stamp by SA948-Stamps Baccano! Stamp by Armor-of-Fire DERP stamp XD by BonJiro Timmy by riamali Nyan by Blubble-The-Blubs rufus stamp 1 by AgentDibbs



Art Royale by Aiko-Mustang
Art Royale
This is a collaboration between :icongreen-cloud: and me :D
She did the lineart, I did the coloring <3
It was so much fun to do, the background is showing Neuschwanstein castle, since I colored her in gold / white and blue colors.
The border is from :icontigers-stock:
240 nouveau corners 02 by Tigers-stock
Hope you like it *w*

See also :icongreen-cloud:'s colored version of this beautiful lineart :D
Art Nouveau style by Green-Cloud
Alfons Heiderich by Aiko-Mustang
Alfons Heiderich
I took part in a Fullmetal Alchemist Art Project and pretty at short notice, because this needed to be finished to the 30th of November.
So I took time of every free evening I had after work and worked on this piece :heart:
And I hope, you will like it :) I got to draw Alfons Heiderich, who appears only in the movie.
He was and is one of my favourite characters :D
Selfportrait by Aiko-Mustang
Because everybody can do Selfies :XD:
It's 5 am and couldn't sleep so this is what I have done yeahhh YOLO.
Gotta love that color sheme, I'm wearing it actually right now xD

My dA Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 3:29 AM

I saw this journal entries at some friends journals, so I decided to give it a try too :)

I'm on deviantArt since the 29th of August 2005, which soon will be 9 years. Wow time flies! 9 years!
I remember, that so far I was presenting my artwork only on a german site called Animexx, and sadly, comments and ratings weren't fair or even nice.
So I wanted to show my works, but also get nicer feedback and also a ratefree system.
Some friends told me about dA and they were like "only elite artists use dA", "only professionals submit their work there" and when I took a glimpse look, it seemed that dA was only for great artists.
But when I looked closer, I found some art, which is great, but still able to be better, and also beginners art.
So why should I care, that only professionals use dA?
The design back than was much eye appealing and also that the handling of the submissions was much easier and faster, I created a dA account.

First, I only focused on my art, and also other people's art. dA soon became my number one source for beautiful fanart, awesome original art and helpful tutorials.
Second, I bumped into a lot of people, who shared the same interests as I do and I made some great friendships over long distances!

It was amazing, how easy you could connect with people all over the world, and still I made some good friends here :)
Maybe this is the time, to mention all those people, who inspired me and were also a big inspiration to keep going and submit art:

:iconquesogr7: My buddy, who always motivates me with his hunger for getting better and improving so fast! A very good friend I met on dA!
:iconkiljoyq: Also my buddy, who is a big fan of Gundam and I guess even more than I am! He has also great art and is a very good friend of mine :) I also get a lot support from him regarding my own manga story :hug:
:iconnamyi: My honeybun :heart: I wish I could be at her place, to hug her and show her how much I care. You are the sweetest person ever!
:iconluisazo: One of the artists I admire, his drawing style is so unique and free. I love his work to bits! Also think we built a little friendship over the years :)
:iconmarduk-kurios: My brother always inspires me, he is a very important person in my life. He helps me with important decisions and we are sometimes like twins xD Love u Niisan nyuu :heart:
:iconforeverearthbound: A special someone, who always motivates me to get into 1920, my own manga story I work on. It makes me want to work only for this user, to finish 1920 finally :D
:iconheza-chan: We have a lot of common, we like almost all the same stuff and is a good friend of mine, always motivating to do more art! Thank you so much for that honey!
:iconsharkie19: She inspires me to mix traditional media a lot more, and I love her digital works. Her style is so unique and I love every piece of art she submits! :D
:icondrgengar: We know each other for some short time now, and I'm happy to get to know her every day a little bit better :) thanks for that!

I know there are a lot of more people out there, but you guys are a important part of my (art) life, and I don't want to miss you and your art!
Keep doing what you are doing, because you are the bests in it ;)
Thanks for being friends with me! :hug:

If I missed somebody, tell me, and I will add you and some kind words! :dance:

I would be happy to read some dA stories of other users or my friends :) tell us, why did you join dA? :D

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